Monument & Sights
Aegina Town

Aegina town, where the main port is , is 14 kms from Aghia Marina and can be easily reached by local bus. The fish market on the front, opposite the harbour is worth a visit. The harbour is crescent shaped and there are plenty of shops, cafes and tavernas.

Aghios Nektarios Monastery
The Monastery (a convent) is named after its founder who died in 1920 and was canonised in 1961. His relics are preserved in the first chapel. Located at 15-minute busride from Aghia Marina: open daily. No shorts and ladies modestly attired.

Afaia Temple
The temple is one of the most beautifull classical temples in Greece and also the oldest surviving, stands on the top of a pine-clad hill above Aghia Marina. The first temple on the site (700 BCE) was dedicated to Afaia, a deity from Crete.

Archaelogical site of Kolona with Museum
The hill of Kolona, a 10 minute walk north of Aegina town, was inhabited from prehistoric times through the classical period. Extensive walls and foundations have been discovered and excavations are still in process.

Christos Capralos
The Christos Capralos museum, lies on the northwestern side of Aegina, on the coastal road. The works exhibited in the museum are of marble, Aeginean porous stone and wood; there are also exhibits of paintings, terracotta and ceramics.

At a 15 minutes walk from Aegina town, there is a small underground church dating from the 13th century. The icon of the Virgin in the second chapel, was found in the cave behind the alter.

When you visit the island in springtime you will experience a green island with an enormous beauty of all kinds of flowers and trees.

Omorfi Eklesia
Omorfi Eklesia, the "beautiful church", is a tiny 13th century chapel, its interiour completely covered with frescoes. Located just outside Aegina town, it is kept locked. If you want to visit it apply to the museum.

Monastery of Chrysoleonitissa
The monastery is now a convent and lies high in the central hills. You can reach it by heading along the road which starts opposite Aghios Nektarios. The last 300 metres you will have to walk.

Mount Oros
Mount Oros, 532 metres, sanctuary of Hellanios Zeus. A tiny chapel crowns the highest mountain on the island and on its lower slopes stand the church of Taxiarchis on an ancient site. Beside it rise a wide stepped road and a plygonal wall of the hellenistic period.

The ruins of this medieval city cover the hill behind the Monastery of Aghios Nektarios. This is where the islanders used to take refuge from pirates and invasions. Once a small city of 300 churches, some 32 frescoed churches (13th to 17th century) are still preserved.

Pacheia Rachi
Visit the quiet old village of Pacheia Rachi. Situated next to Mount Oros at 225 metres. Wander through the few little streets and see some really old and some very nice newly built houses. From the village you can experience some lovely views.

On the Southern edge of the island lies the small fishing village of Perdika. This is perhaps one of the most picturesque spots on the island, and also a good place to eat as there is a wide range of tavernas, many of whom specialise in fish dishes.

Tower of Markellos
The pink Tower, built in 1802 and located approximately 50 yards from the church of Aghios Nikolas, is the Tower of Markellos. The Tower housed in 1826 Capodistrias' government until the Governor's Residence, known as the "Palace of Barbayannis" was built.

A water heaven is waiting for you in Aegina, the beautiful Greek island, that offers unforgettable summer images of fun and enjoyment. Water Park is close to the sea at Faros area and is the perfect choice to spend your time under the sun and into the water.